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Designing tomorrow's smart devices for a connected world - NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wireless

Is your business well placed to take advantage of the connected world?

Do you want to develop Smart devices or wearables for the Internet of Things or Smart home?

Do you have existing products which need to become Smart devices to keep up to date in the connected world?

  • nfs develop smart technology to help you engage with your users.
  • nfs will design electronics hardware and develop software to your requirements.
  • nfs experts will take you through every step of the journey from initial concept to volume manufacture.
  • nfs excel at delivering leading edge solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables or Smart Devices based around NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy and other wireless technologies.

"The development of the internet changed the way our world works, now it's changing again…"

The Internet of Things (IoT) will create a world in which physical objects or "things" that are part of our everyday lives communicate securely with each other to anticipate and recognise our behaviour, sense our environment to respond on our behalf and allow us to interact with them in ways previously not possible.

This connected world will provide new opportunities for your business, changing the way your customers interact with your products. NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy are key enablers of the IoT.


We listen closely to your idea(s), keen to explore the possibilities of the initial concept.

Project Planning

A project development plan is created, identifying the timescale required to develop the concept.

Research & Development

Applied industry experience is valuable when conducting in-depth research and development.

Hardware & Software Development

Hardware and software applications are developed by skilled engineers to form a reliable product.

Testing & Certification

Fully managed, rigorous testing ensures both hardware and software perform as intended.

Market Ready Product

Project completion signifies the evolution of concept to finalised product, ready to market.

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Mostly customers ask us to create NFC antennas that are as small as possible............. Well this makes a pleasant change - like the title says 'big is beautiful'     Creating very large ant...

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Bluetooth protocol testing

Bluetooth protocol testing

Most Bluetooth controllers have mature software stacks integrated which takes care of all the Bluetooth communications meaning that the application you are developing is relatively isolated from the d...

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