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Who We Are: Company History

Founded in 2009 by Director Glenn Needham, nfs was created to help companies to develop products and solutions based around NFC (Near Field Communications) technology.

Based on many years of experience in NFC (including work with the NFC Forum, International Standards Organisation and ETSI), nfs offers an unparalleled level of expertise in NFC which can be leveraged by our customers when developing market leading products and solutions utilising NFC technology.

Over the past few years, driven by its customers, nfs has widened its scope to include Bluetooth Smart technology (also known as BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy). nfs has invested a significant amount of time and money into understanding Bluetooth Smart to the same, detailed level as our understanding of NFC.

Consequently, we can now offer the same expertise in Bluetooth Smart as we can with NFC thereby giving our customers an exceptional level of service.

Both NFC and Bluetooth Smart are key enablers of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our Commitment to Creating Value

At nfs our highly talented team of software designers, hardware engineers and consultants turn ideas into market leading solutions. We are committed to providing insights into future technologies that create value for our clients.

We Add Value By:

  • Helping our customers understand wireless technologies.
  • Providing high calibre advice and innovative solutions to challenging problems.
  • Creating bespoke solutions with our knowledge and diverse in-house expertise.
  • Delivering against short timescales to enable our customers to get products to market quickly.

nfs are global leaders and innovators in the wireless technology industry. We translate ideas into innovative solutions through consultancy, design and development. We are leaders in Near Field Communication, Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy), IoT, antenna modelling and printed electronics.

Developing innovative solutions for:
Toys and Games, Medical, Access control, Industrial and Domestic appliances

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