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How We Help You

The team at nfs is able to create innovative, market leading IoT solutions for your business, thanks to the skills and experience we’ve acquired over many years.

Our Sectors

nfs work in many market sectors:

  • Industrial.
  • Medical.
  • Domestic Appliances.
  • Toys and Games.

Our Product Development Skills

At nfs we bring together diverse skills across many disciplines, not just NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy, and work closely with our clients to turn their ideas into reality. We specialise in:

  • Electronics hardware design.
  • Software development.
  • Web and Mobile application development.
  • Antenna design and modelling.

Electronics Hardware Design

Our team of engineers has the knowledge and experience to design innovative solutions based on NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy and other wireless technologies. nfs has a proven track record at delivering rapid prototypes allowing the proof of a concept in a short timescale.

Software Design

At nfs we develop software for embedded systems whether it is on hardware designed by ourselves or an existing platform. We use structured design methodologies and have access to a range of development tools.

Web & Mobile Application Development

Mobile and web applications are a fundamental component of the Internet of Things and most NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy solutions will include a mobile App or web application. nfs has many years of experience in the development of Apps for mobile platforms and the development of cloud based web applications.

Antenna Design & Modelling

Antenna modelling for NFC and other wireless technologies can be complex and daunting. At nfs we have designed NFC readers for many years and have invested a considerable amount of time and effort into understanding how NFC antennae work and how to model them, enabling us to create antennae that work. We have also expanded this capability to include Bluetooth Low Energy antenna design.

Consultancy Services

nfs is committed to helping clients understand wireless technologies such as NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy for use in Internet of things applications. We play a key role in advising many leading businesses on technology related issues, such as:

  • Global brand owners in the consumer goods sector on the use of NFC for marketing, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting.
  • Leading Semiconductor Companies in wireless healthcare, digital radio and connected audio, and on integrating NFC in new ICs being developed.
  • Access control companies on the application of Bluetooth Low Energy to change the way users interact with security products.

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