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Client Testimonials

  • BCD has been working with NFS for the last 2 or 3 years.
    We have now completed several projects and a number of feasibility and evaluation studies primarily in Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy applications.
    The team at NFS have built a strong knowledge in this field including hardware design using module and chip on board solutions and have a deep understanding of the complexities of RF layout and antenna optimisation.
    By understanding the Bluetooth protocols they have developed new embedded Bluetooth GATT profiles and android apps for our end customers in a way which allows versatility and the opportunity for simple upgrades in the future.
    Having many projects under their belt they have hit the ground running on our projects and have been able to reduce our time to market and that of our customers, work which would have normally taken weeks has taken just days in some cases.

    The team are approachable and helpful and have an interest in ensuring the success of their customer's projects. A great example of their work is our Bluetooth Sensor evaluation kit which they helped us develop in just a few weeks: click here for more information
    Even after completion they have been happy to assist with any changes and supported documentation any technical questions we have had.

    Barry Coomber | BCD Microelectronics

  • Working with nfs has enabled us to offer much more to our customers than a simple temperature logger. Their expertise in NFC and overall creativity now means we have a complete solution which allows a Chateau to engage directly with their consumers and deliver a product of the highest quality.

    Eric Vogt, eProvenance CEO

  • When we decided to include NFC in our products we needed to engage with experts in the technology who had a detailed understanding of how NFC worked. nfs provided expert input to our design process and helped us avoid the inevitable pitfalls, enabling us to deliver a right-first-time silicon design."

    VP of Silicon Engineering Toumaz Group

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